The idea goes from Game Designers to our team of Concept Artists and they start to work on characters, the look of the game and the whole graphic concept. Then the Game Development Department takes development aspirations into the next stage and transfers the idea to the actual game (of course during the whole process we remember about adapting DICE+ to the games).


The idea of a game begins in our Game Design Department, where it is developed by our Game Designers in cooperation with the whole team. We want everyone of our employees to add something new and innovative to the original idea, that’s why we do brainstorming. Thanks to that we are sure that our product will be tailored to the needs of users from 4 to 99 years old.


Finally! Our Powered Board Game is ready. After a long journey the application is ready‐to‐use and available on the App Store, Google Play and DICE+ Central – a special platform for games dedicated to DICE+. Now it's time for the Marketing&PR Department to reach every DICE+ owner with our new product.